Happy 2nd Anniversary Misty Gates

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Well about another year has come and gone. And I must say, it was just as awesome as the first, if not even better. Thank you Misty, for being an amazingly entertaining model, and a friend. You continue for far surpass any expectations I’ve had. I love your sense of humor, thoughtfulness, creativity, and so many other things. :ifhu

Thanks Phad for giving Misty her own website that doesn’t suck like some others.

And thanks to the rest of the fanclub that helps support Misty. Toph, Deadringa, Dack, Drew, Chris, Anthrox, Inkdragon, Whiskijack, Sillyman, Stinger, FFG, Timstams, Solidskull, Mackenzie, and everyone else who has been here even if just for a short time. Though I wouldn’t mind having Misty all to myself, in the beginning with 10 people at Sunday morning shows was great… it is even more fun sharing her stupendousness with others who appreciate her.

*Cue Grammy music to end my speech*