Aaliyah Love Is Pedo Bear Approved 7-30-10

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More at AaliyahLove.com Or get a private show with her here.

3 thoughts on “Aaliyah Love Is Pedo Bear Approved 7-30-10

  1. Aaliyah Love looks super duper cute in that outfit. Thanks so much 4 the caps Golden

  2. I <3 my bear hoodie! Straight from Japan! Super Kawaii!!:) My members have been diggin my crazy wig/outfit webcam shows lately, I've been having lots of fun with it! And actly, I haven't done a show all week because I was sick so next one is gna have to rock!:)

  3. The costumes are awesome, the more creativity the better, its what makes you unique. I tend to make it late to yours shows and be busy at the time since the show days & times are often so random, but I can quickly see what I missed if I set my computer to make some caps for later. 😉

    Glad it sounds like you are feeling better finally. I was sick for about 10 days and just finally feeling good again. Working on this new domain & format is about the only thing I was able to do for a while.

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