Feet Should Be Non-Nude Too

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The pedi knights deserve equal treatment. If you cover up your boobs on the boob fetish people, then you should cover your feet too. If you won’t do a closeup of your boobs when someone asks, you shouldn’t do a closeup of your feet when they ask. If someone just says show feet like a demand, they should be kicked as much as the people who say show tits. In the interest of equality for all, feet must be non-nude too.

6 thoughts on “Feet Should Be Non-Nude Too

  1. aaaaaah now I get what you were talking about on Friday in my cam show! I totally agree with you. I don’t flash my feet in free chat because foot fetish guys get off on that as much as any other guy would get off on me spreading my pussy in free chat.

    I don’t mind taking polite requests in member shows on my site & Babe Chat because you guys are VIPs. My very important pets;) But on streamate/MFC that sort of thing is saved for group or private.

  2. I agree Ryan, Babe Chat does rock:) I <3 doing shows on there for members of my site & the Babe Chat network. And I love all the other models & members in the network.

    Guaranteed fun times!

  3. hmmm well here’s what I’m thinking about this issue. Maybe I’m over analyzing..

    Say the nips were being covered by fingertips then whats the model to do in place for the pedi knights, cover up her big toenails?? Now even if the model were to wear socks/stockings to cover her feet up like how a bra covers up boobs, it wouldnt really matter due to stockings mostly being see thru. An socks well, i dont think would really bother a pedi knight all that much. But if shoes or boots were being worn that might be a problem though just that would mean the model might as well put on a rain coat to cover up her chest from those w/the boob fetish.

    Thats if this post is based on being fair & equal fetish rights, lol
    Just sayin.

  4. Well maybe Dr. Scholl’s makes pasties to cover the soles! Haha. 😛

    Mainly this was in jest just to bug the feet people, but there is some merit to it also. Sometimes I think people like feet only because you can web models to show those without even thinking about it. But feet people are often the first ones to start making demands in a chat room where this is relevant.

    Just this week during Briana Lee’s show on Babechat someone told her, didn’t even politely ask, to show feet. Which she then did, rather than ignoring it or the demand being met with a mute or kick. The result, it immediately inspired a flood of begging with others to telling her to show tits, ass, get naked, etc… >_< That's why foot fetish enthusiasts are the devil!

  5. Guys who aren’t foot fetishists aren’t going to request foot shows just because it is so fetish specific. But I think models don’t realize that flashing your toes is the same as flashing your tits. Foot fetish guys get off on feet. They usually don’t care about the rest of the female body.

    However, non-nude foot fetish content is also problematic because some foot fetishists love socks, nylons, & heels. So there has to be some level of acceptance that foot fetish guys are going to get more of a fix in general even if they aren’t only into barefoot fetish shows.

    Again, it is just up to the model to be aware of all the different kinks & fetishes and remain true to her boundaries so everyone can enjoy the show:)

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