Rough draft of a new blog banner

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Here’s a rough version 1 of a banner I’ve been working on. Need to sleep on it now that I finished putting all the cutouts together in one image. Might change colors, fonts, etc.  Switch some of the model’s pics to different ones too, I really wanted  to use that pic of Misty but it doesn’t really fit with the rest cause it had the top of her head cut off. 2 or 3 pics are disproportionate in width to the others too.

Thinking of even adding more models by making it an animated gif if the file size isn’t too big then it would shift through 3 or different banners with more models total, but less crammed into one image.

Any suggestions for improvements or other ideas?

Also if anyone knows how in a WordPress theme to edit the  area that my blog title & description overlays on, the blue banner-like bar part in my theme here, let me know. I know I can put this banner above that part between it and the update plugin by just adding image code to the header section, but I’d like to use it to replace that blue area instead. Hopefully that makes sense! :S

As usual click the image to view it full size.

2 thoughts on “Rough draft of a new blog banner

  1. I like the new banner but I do agree with you that the Misty pic is just slightly to big to fit in the banner, you might be able to keep the pic if you lose the two coconuts, also I like the Aaliyah love pic but it is an old picture of her, maybe you could use a newer pic

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