Who Said That? #8

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These are some funny things said during cam shows by 5 different models featured on this blog. If you have a guess at who said any of the quotes, answer with a comment. If you need a hint, the 5 possible model’s names are listed in the post tags.

Model #1 said, “Sorry I’m invading your mind with images of old naked women.”

Model #2 said, “My parents really fucked me on my dog”, and “That totally counts as being fisted.”

Model #3 said, “I cant wait to juice something in the morning.”

Model #4 said, “I won’t eat testicles.”

Model #5 said, “Makeup isn’t necessary if you have underwear for your head.”

2 thoughts on “Who Said That? #8

  1. Guessing on two of these.

    #1 Misty Gates
    #2 Nikki Sims
    #3 Madden
    #4 Spencer Nicks
    #5 Kelsey Monroe

    1. You are correct on 3, 4, & 5. But Nikki said #1 & Misty said #2. The fisted comment should have given that one away. :S

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