Bailey Knox And Misty Gates Schoolgirl Facial Zipset

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Download the uncensored zipset at EpicZips.

Download the uncensored zipset at EpicZips.

611MB zipset with a 9min HD 1920 x 1080P HD video.

At Misty and Bailey’s school, blowing off homework gets them an A!

After being sent home from Sister Fellatio’s with a lab cock full of cum, our two school girls will have the split the load if they want to finish this assignment. First they take turns experimenting with foreplay, and with each other. Misty spreads her legs and her pussy while Bailey jerks the cock over her. She then swaps positions with Bailey, and rubs Bailey’s pussy through her panties to get her nice and wet. They each take turns sucking while the other kneels and licks the balls, as well as run their mouths at the same time up and down the shaft, and both deep throat the cock again and again until they gag.

They know if they follow their teacher’s specific instructions, the lab dick will empty its balls; but taking a facial is not enough to get them full credit. They have to record themselves doing it in HD video to show proof of work.

Misty and Bailey go to a private school, but lucky for us, this assignment didn’t stay private after they turned it in!