Bailey Knox Halloween Hypnatchi Zipset

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The epic Halloween zipset starring Bailey Knox! After harvesting the latest wishlist presents from her P.O. Box, Bailey is cautioned by Eduardo: be careful opening mail from strangers! As usual, it seems like Eduardo has his own selfish motives at play, and Bailey ignores his warning. But Eduardo is right, and Bailey pays the price! The last box in the pile contains a creepy handwritten note from her biggest fan, along with a sketchy looking sex toy. Bailey handles it carelessly, and it sets her down a down strange path. Who sent the package? What will it make Bailey do? And will Eduardo survive the night? Download Bailey’s most revealing video ever, with lots of awesome, uncensored shots. This release is fun, sexy, and spooky; the best yet from Bailey! This is so naughty only  members can see it! Join today!