Is a movie that stars Angelina Jolie as Salt,  someone with questionable allegiances who might be a terrorist. I’ll leave it at that so I don’t give away anything you can’t tell from the trailers to the movie. I found the movie to be really good. Its not what I’d say is a realistic movie, rather unbelievable, but I take that as a given with the majority of action movies. Plenty of action & twists. Its not quite James Bond, but its that style of an action & espionage movie. Though grittier, like the newer Daniel Craig 007 movies, if not more so. Minus the smooth witticisms and fancy gadgets.

Angelina makes any character have some sex appeal, but there really isn’t any seduction to this movie like you might have seen with her both deadly & sexy character in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. If you’re just looking for violence and T&A, you’ll get plenty of the violence at least. If you can take the movie for what it is and look past the one man vs the World, or in this case the one woman, you can enjoy the action. And the plot will keep your interest if you want it to. It makes clever use of a few small things that seem innocuous as the time, but come back to play a role later.

I don’t see how they would setup a relevant sequel to this movie with how the events unfolded, so the rumors of possibly turning the movie into a series of movies like the Jason Bourne trilogy are likely nothing more than rumors. But you never know, they could make an unrelated plot with a new lead playing a similar character still using the name Salt, like what happens far too often. Sequels are always a disappointment if they don’t keep some of the same cast & characters, otherwise they may as well be a totally new story with no prior history.