Tiger Woods’ apology was too little, too late. He took way too long to say he was sorry for just being an asshole. There were no crimes committed & pending court cases he had to keep quiet for. He wasn’t a baseball player who took steroids and could be prosecuted. He cheated on his wife dozens of time for years, you don’t do that to begin with if you’re really sorry anyway. If he was sorry he would have come out immediately to apologize once it was exposed at least. And then the “apology” is scripted with him saying it according to how a public relations firm told him to… BULLSHIT!!! Not to mention he then spoke candidly only to rip the media for following his wife around, he is the one to blame for that.

He just became even more of an arrogant, self-centered, spoiled country-club cock-sucker in my eyes. Not that it matters what I think of him, but his wife should ditch him & never speak to him again. Cheating on your significant other is not some disease like cancer you can’t control, it is a conscious choice. I don’t buy the bogus sex addiction defense like he can’t help himself. Its not like his penis magically fell into the vagina of some other woman. I wish he would never play golf again so I would never have to hear about him. He’s like the new Brett Favre, coverage of him just won’t go away, and its not even cause he did anything great. Need to boycott ESPN for a while cause hearing about him disgusts me! >_