I have been a fan of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Adrian Peterson going back to their starts in college football with Tennessee, Purdue, and Oklahoma respectively, even though I didn’t really like any of those schools or teams they were on that much. The 3 of them were great, I knew they would be great in the NFL, and they have been my favorite players since Marshall Faulk, who I followed from San Diego St., retired from the Rams. So with Manning’s Colts, and Brees’ Saints both undefeated, & Adrian’s Vikings being the next best team after them who has lost… this season is AWESOME! I’m hoping for the Colts vs the Saints in the Super Bowl after they both have undefeated season & knock those annoying Patriots out of people’s memory for a while. Though if they don’t go undefeated, or if the Vikings knock the Saints out in the NFC I would be just as thrilled still.

But do you think either will go undefeated, and who do you think will be in the Super Bowl?

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I currently have an Xbox 360 as my primary gaming console and I highly recommend it. My gamertag is goldengamingod. Tell me who you are if you add me so I don’t decline your friend request.

Though the people I discuss video games with are mostly all Internet friends, which makes the chart below pretty accurate. Except for the part if you like video games you should play on a PC. Consoles are built specifically for games, and are much better unless a specific game was primarily designed for the PC. Then it can suck on a console…

With Christmas & my birthday (Dec. 24) coming up, my thought for the day is why don’t more people have online wish lists? People can easily look up what you might like as a gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other time they might wanna get you something but don’t know what to get you. Save yourself the trouble of ending up with gifts you don’t really like, and make a wishlist! See if your favorite store’s website offers them. Amazon.com does, and you can even keep your exact mailing address a secret. They will ship the items purchased off a wish list directly to the recipient.

To follow with my thought, I made one with some random items I wish I had. Golden’s Amazon Wishlist

Misty of Mistygates.com caught licking her own nipples and turned into a slow motion animated .gif image by yours truly.

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And another gif of her squeezing her mistties together. Mistties is a term coined by her site members for her plumpety titties.

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You can click them to see them at a larger size, but you will be taken to an image host website to view them then. GIFs are one of my favorites types of artwork to do. You’ll see more of them, wallpapers, and all sorts of other crazy creations on my blog.

The tall and bubbly model from LilyLuvs.com who’s content there just started being topless, is also in hardcore boy-girl sex videos now. Her first released hardcore scene is for DareDorm. You can watch the high quality free video trailer here. Here are some pics from the debut scene too.

She has a few more hardcore scenes out already for everyone to enjoy that I will blog about soon.