Is a new TV show that has been described as a cross between LOST and The Blair Witch. Has the same producer as the Paranormal Activity movies. The premise is a nature TV show host and his crew get lost on a trip down a river into a mysterious jungle. His family and more TV crew go in search of him and encounter evil spirits and other creepy stuff. Its shot from a TV camera POV like The Blair Witch to try and make it scarier. I wouldn’t really call it that scary, but it is a good show. I would give it a 8 out of 10 for the first 2 episodes so far.

You can watch episodes of the ABC show online

Here is a gif from a good scene in the show.


Apple is developing a new app for iPhone that is able to translate animal sounds to normal human speech and vice versa. They send the beta version of the app to the CEO of one big food company to test it. The CEO decides to visit one of his farms to see if the app is worth something or not.
He comes to the farm and asks one of the employees to show him round. The employee leads him to the cow barn, and the CEO asks the cows: “How do you like it here?” One of the cows moos. CEO looks and the iPhone and reads: “It’s very nice, the hay is very good, and they don’t even milk us too much.” Then the employee leads him to the hen-house. He asks the same question, and reads the translation of the hens’ clucks: “It’s very nice here, they give us good grain, they don’t force us to lay too much eggs”. So they go to the pigpen, and the same story happens – it seems that all the animals at the farm are quite satisfied with it.
The CEO is very impressed with the app, as with the work of his employees and the way they treat animals. Just as he walks to his car, he sees the goat tied to a pole beside the parking lot. The goat looks suspiciously at the employee (that is still accompanying the CEO) and goes “Meeeeh!”. The CEO starts to reach for his phone, but the employee quickly says to the goat:
“Oh, shut up! It was only once, and I was drunk!!”