Feel free to use these for signatures, profiles, etc… Right-click and Save Image As on each image to save them to your computer. Or right-click on each button and choose Copy Image Location, if you’d like to hotlink using my site as the image host. Might make & add buttons for other sites in the future. If you have requests, let me know.

Twitter Follow Me Button

Twitter Follow Me Button

Amazon Wishlist Spoil Me Button

Amazon Wishlist Button

MyFreeCams Offline Tip Me Button

(If you don’t know your offline tip link, scroll down.)

MFC Offline Tip Button

To embed an image somewhere like a MyFreeCams profile using HTML, use this:

<a href=”YourSiteLinkHere”><img src=”ButtonImageLinkHere”/></a>

To embed an image somewhere like a signature using Forum Code, use this:
(Some forums require you host your images on a specific site.)


Just copy & paste the bold parts above, then replace YourSiteLinkHere with the link you want the button to direct someone to when they click it. And replace ButtonImageLinkHere with the image file link from wherever the button his hosted. Careful not to delete the ” marks in the HTML version. When you finish copying & pasting all the code & links in, the code for each button & link should look something like this:

<a href=”http://twitter.com/goldengamingod”><img src=”http://goldensgirls.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Twitter-Follow-Me-Button.jpg”/></a>

Another piece of code you may want to use is the line break: <BR> It is like hitting the enter/return key in a HTML page. If you wanted each button to go on a separate line, put <BR> between each set of image code. Or put <BR> after all the image code, to make any text afterwards start on a new line.

How To Find Your MFC Offline Tip Link

To find a link to offline tip a specific model on MyFreeCams, go here http://www.myfreecams.com/mfc2/php/tip.php?request=tip Then select the model from your friends list in the top box, or type in the model’s username in the bottom box, and click Next. Once that goes to the next page, that’s where you can offline tip the model you want. The link you want for an offline tip button is in the url / address bar at the top of the page after you selected a model & clicked Next. Make sure you copy the entire link. It will look like http://www.myfreecams.com/mfc2/php/tip.php?broadcaster_id=########&request=tip