What do you think caused these models to have these reactions? Leave comments with your thoughts.

1. Briana Lee – Did she just watch the Colts lose to the Cowboys? 😛

2. Brooke Marks – Maybe she saw a picture of Easybob’s penis? :S

3. Misty Gates – Has her bf just done something stupid again? Probably!

Another “caption this” type pic that is a blooper screencap from a model’s webcam show. What made her make these faces? Maybe Misty spotted me peeking in the window watching her diddle in the first one. :S The second one looks like someone is eating Misty’s brains and she turned into a blood-thirsty zombie. Leave a comment about what you think happened.

More at MistyGates.com and EpicZips.com

Can be fun to just look at some pictures and wonder what the subject or even the photographer was thinking at that moment. Common game of sorts on forums, time to bring it to my blog.

Aaliyah Love is kinda gazing off in this picture, what could she be looking at or thinking in this picture?  She could be watching a big spider on the ceiling, or could be thinking: “I hope R. Kelly doesn’t come out of this closet and pee on me.” 😛

Be creative and leave a comment on what you think…