Anyone else bothered by how the adult webcam industry has become full of so many models who are always begging for or demanding tips? Many of the models who do it most, are the same models who complain the most about some of their potential customers begging them to do something. Don’t they see it is the same thing, and just as annoying? And their behavior just attracts more people who behave that way, and drives away more of the respectful customers. You usually reap what you sow.

It is one thing to politely tell them if they ask for special request that’s not normally on the menu, to please tip. But there’s so many that want tips for just sitting there, or are even demanding and rude like, “Tip you fuckers or I’m leaving.” They chose to do that job, wish more would try doing it with a little more of the class they claim they have.

If someone goes into a restaurant, they don’t tip the waiter or waitress to greet them and show them the menu. Tips are supposed to be a show of thanks for services already rendered. Same with a strip club, you don’t tip the exotic dancer to get out on stage. They start dancing, then they get tips. If a waitress came to your table or a dancer came out on stage, and just stood there begging for or demanding tips before they did the most basic part of their job, a large amount of the customers would go somewhere else.

There’s so many models you can’t even get anything from if you are tipping already, or when you are willing to pay for a private. They receive tips and turn down private shows until they reach some ridiculous total goal. Often not even reaching it, leaving without doing anything, and keeping the money they were given. Or achieving the goal but after it took so long, many of the customers who already contributed money are no longer there. This makes customers who are willing to pay, hesitant to do so. If a waitress took your money for food and never brought it to you, or a stripper was offered money for a lap dance and always turned it down, they would be fired! But somehow this has become the adopted normal behavior in the webcam industry. One model watches another, then copies their behavior… “monkey see, monkey do” style.

Just something to think about. There are lots of business strategies, sometimes rudeness or fraud even works, like the way a stereotypical used car salesman operates. But you can attract more flies with honey. The performers who do the best long term are the ones don’t make people leave 2 minutes after meeting you, because you’re frequently a mood killer begging or ranting away. Hear a lot of models bashing another model they think isn’t as attractive as them physically, wondering why they are more popular and higher rated, it is probably their customer service. Looks will only keep people interested for so long, good customer service will keep more customers coming back. Especially with the high costs of many webcam sites because the profits are often split between site owners, studio owners, affiliates, and models. The customers want personalized service and more bang for their buck.

The pedi knights deserve equal treatment. If you cover up your boobs on the boob fetish people, then you should cover your feet too. If you won’t do a closeup of your boobs when someone asks, you shouldn’t do a closeup of your feet when they ask. If someone just says show feet like a demand, they should be kicked as much as the people who say show tits. In the interest of equality for all, feet must be non-nude too.

Tiger Woods’ apology was too little, too late. He took way too long to say he was sorry for just being an asshole. There were no crimes committed & pending court cases he had to keep quiet for. He wasn’t a baseball player who took steroids and could be prosecuted. He cheated on his wife dozens of time for years, you don’t do that to begin with if you’re really sorry anyway. If he was sorry he would have come out immediately to apologize once it was exposed at least. And then the “apology” is scripted with him saying it according to how a public relations firm told him to… BULLSHIT!!! Not to mention he then spoke candidly only to rip the media for following his wife around, he is the one to blame for that.

He just became even more of an arrogant, self-centered, spoiled country-club cock-sucker in my eyes. Not that it matters what I think of him, but his wife should ditch him & never speak to him again. Cheating on your significant other is not some disease like cancer you can’t control, it is a conscious choice. I don’t buy the bogus sex addiction defense like he can’t help himself. Its not like his penis magically fell into the vagina of some other woman. I wish he would never play golf again so I would never have to hear about him. He’s like the new Brett Favre, coverage of him just won’t go away, and its not even cause he did anything great. Need to boycott ESPN for a while cause hearing about him disgusts me! >_