These are some quotes from cam shows on YourDailyCams in the last 3 months or so. Can you identify which model said each set of quotes? Good memory test, reply with your guesses!

I will reply with the correct answers later this week. I’m thinking it would be funny to ask the models if they even remember saying these.

Model #1 said, “I need a small squishy ball.”

Model #2 said, “If I could suck my own ass I’d do it for you.” and “I do have a pecker in my mouth.”

Model #3 said, “Taken this hair down then we’ll get buckwild in this bitch.” and “A pot of golden? Never tried it but I’m open to things.”

Model #4 said, “Satan, that was my nickname in high school.” and “You have to be willing to give head to get ahead sometimes.”

Model #5 said, “Think i smacked my ass so hard when it was covered in baby oil, it went on the lens of the camera.”

Model #6 said, “Better not do that I might queef.”

Model #7 said, “Bring the cat back I need to finish.” and “I just raped your ears.”

Model #8 said, “Glad my asshole is round enough for you guys that makes me feel special.”