After losing a close matchup and not having an undefeated Yahoo Fantasy Football Team this year anymore, because Adrian Peterson was already on a bye week has got me thinking. Will the National Football League ever just go to one bye week for everyone during the middle of the season? It messes up fantasy football matchups for nerds like me, but it also gives some of the real teams an advantage over others. When you have a bye week you have 2 weeks to rest and prepare for the next opponent, with only a few times on a bye for several week until every team has one. You also benefit more from a mid-season bye week I would think, than having one already in Week 4 like the Vikings just did. Now they play 13 straight weeks without a break. Should just make week 9 a bye week for everyone. Then all the teams play Weeks 1-8 and 10-17. Its bad enough some teams have to travel a lot more than other with all the weird conference alignments. They re-aligned and didn’t fix them geographically like they should have! Miami Dolphins still play 3 teams in the North East, St. Louis Rams still play 3 teams on the West Coast. You’d think when billions of dollars are on the line, they might make the playing field more even. Just sayin’.