Its one of those questions like: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” The World may never know. One night she was drinking with Misty Gates and Phad Panda, then she was never heard from again.

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Maybe there was a terrible accident & she became panda food…

Maybe they just roofied her, tied her up, and have kept her prisoner ever since…

Maybe she took time off to get breast implants, and she’s returning as the Babechat “mystery model”…

Or it could even just be an elaborate plot just to make VJDJ even more confused than he already is… :S

But somehow there’s still more pics of her to see at

Misty of caught licking her own nipples and turned into a slow motion animated .gif image by yours truly.

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And another gif of her squeezing her mistties together. Mistties is a term coined by her site members for her plumpety titties.

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You can click them to see them at a larger size, but you will be taken to an image host website to view them then. GIFs are one of my favorites types of artwork to do. You’ll see more of them, wallpapers, and all sorts of other crazy creations on my blog.