Good survey site I’ve been using. No pop-ups or ad-ware yet. Links go right to legit surveys and no making you review random websites full of spam. They even let you choose how many survey opportunities they email you notice of, if any at all. They don’t even use referrer links, so I’m not just spamming for them to get anything. One of the few survey sites I’ve actually likes among probably 100 I’ve looked at.

There’s a little repetition at the very start of most surveys checking if you qualify by asking your gender, age, and zip code… but you can still earn some credit for doing that even if you don’t qualify. $50 in credit can you a $25 Gamestop gift card, or there are a lot of other reward options like gift cards for Macy’s, Borders, or air line miles.

With Christmas & my birthday (Dec. 24) coming up, my thought for the day is why don’t more people have online wish lists? People can easily look up what you might like as a gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other time they might wanna get you something but don’t know what to get you. Save yourself the trouble of ending up with gifts you don’t really like, and make a wishlist! See if your favorite store’s website offers them. Amazon.com does, and you can even keep your exact mailing address a secret. They will ship the items purchased off a wish list directly to the recipient.

To follow with my thought, I made one with some random items I wish I had. Golden’s Amazon Wishlist