Picked one team in a custom 16-team Yahoo league. But I hate having that many teams in a league, and I hate Yahoo Fantasy Leagues with all their bugs & slow status updates. So I picked a second team, this time a 10-team ESPN league. Wound up with an awesome team. 😀

QB Peyton Manning, RB LeSean McCoy, RB Darren Sproles, WR Jordy Nelson, WR Marcus Colston, WR DeSean Jackson, TE Julius Thomas, Flex Fred Jackson, Seattle Seahawks’ Defense, & Kicker Dan Bailey as my starters.

On my bench QB Sam Bradford, RB Joique Bell, RB Knowshon Moreno, WR Kenbrell Thompkins, WR Brian Hartline, TE Martellus Bennett, & Kansas City Chiefs Defense.

golden taters

I want to publish a book some day of perverted nursery rhymes, songs, and slogans. Modified classics made into Golden originals. Like:

1. I’m a teapot, with a long spout. Pull on it, and see what comes out.

2. Don’t ask, don’t toe. (The anti-foot freaks AKA pedi-knights in chat rooms slogan)

3. When you do too much feelin’, you get sexual peelin’.

Another “caption this” type pic that is a blooper screencap from a model’s webcam show. What made her make these faces? Maybe Misty spotted me peeking in the window watching her diddle in the first one. :S The second one looks like someone is eating Misty’s brains and she turned into a blood-thirsty zombie. Leave a comment about what you think happened.

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