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Kate Winn is naked in the tub. A peeping Tom looks in the window as she soaps up and shaves. Does she know you’re there? She might. And she might not mind…

Eventually you make a bold gamble, and let yourself in to get a better view. Predictably, Kate scolds you and calls you a creep.  What did you expect, right?  But somehow she doesn’t seem THAT pissed, considering the circumstances.  You can sense she has a soft-spot for perverts. Kate might never date you, because after all, she’s a hot blond with amazing tits and you’re a horny degenerate.  But if you do what she says tonight, she might just let you have a little fun. And it starts were with her commands.  She wants you to pull your dick out, and stroke it while she watches YOU.

Did you cum once already? Keep watching. There are three different endings!  Kate changes positions to give you different looks at her huge tits for each of your cumshots. This video is built for multiple uses. Kate Winn is the best dirty-talker and the JOI queen of our zipstore, and you’ll see why!

See the uncensored zipset at TinyZips

Download the uncensored zipset at TinyZips!

549MB, 7-min 53-sec, 1920 x 1080P HD Video.

Wow – the beautiful Kate Winn does her first ever masturbation scene, and it’s in public! We’ve seen her big fantastic tits, and even heard her talk dirty, but have never seen her pussy up close! She went outside with her girlfriend and two cameras and shot a very sexy, very brave exhibitionist video. Kate pulls up her skirt in public and fingers her totally shaved wet pussy for you, all the while trying to keep a poker face on and stay normal looking anytime someone passes by who might see her.

Kate said she wanted to ride a Ferris wheel and take some sexy pics; we had no idea this was the end result she would turn in. I’ve been told it’s “a public art performance demonstrating the erotic needs that others are too busy and disconnected to notice.”  This video breaks new ground for Kate Winn – her first open-leg, spread, and masturbation scene all at one time!

Download the uncensored zipset at TinyZips!

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223 MB download: 7:09 video – 1280x720p

What would it be like to get a VERY dirty lapdance from Kate Winn? We gave this little lapdance homework assignment to Kate after a shoot, and she delivered an awesome video.

Kate rubs her pussy along the camera guy’s package through his pants, and does her best full-contact grinding to get him hard. She rubs his crotch, kisses his neck, bends over and shows her off her swinging tits, and her cute little bootyhole. She breathes on his cock through his pants and kisses it over the fabric.  Subjected to this, the guy shouldn’t be embarrassed if he creamed his jeans immediately.

Her awesome rack is on full display in this video; too big for her bra, and just-right when they’re are swinging loose. You get great view of her shaved pussy and spread cheeks. She rubs her pussy and licks her finger afterward like a very kinky chick.

See the uncensored zipset at

See the uncensored zipset at TinyZips.

See the uncensored zipset at TinyZips.

390MB download with a 7-minute 1280x720P video and 32 photos at 4104×2736 pixels.

Who knew Kate Winn had such a dirty mouth! Not only does she have that amazing rack, but it turns out Kate loves to talk a guy off if he’s thinking dirty thoughts about her. This is a great companion piece to any other video in her store, now or in the future. You have her full attention in this video. She talks you through your jack off session, lubes up the fake cock, and even touches herself a little as she grinds her body to your rhythm and waits for you to blow your load on her tits. She knows what you like, and she likes to help you feel good!