Some higlights from a list of things models came up with that remind them they work on webcam:

When you turn down going out with friends because the thought of getting all made up for free annoys you.

when sexual things that would normally gross people out seem totally normal to you.

Everytime you pee you think your pissing money down the drain.

when you freak out when someone uses your real name.

you just cant BELIEVE you ONLY made 50$ an hour

when you go on shopping sprees at sex shops

When you check numerous times to make sure that titty tuesday photo did not somehow make it to your facebook.

When you’re doing something strange and think, “I bet that’s a fetish”.

When you meet people’s husbands and wonder if they’re members on cam sites.

When your lingerie collection spreads across 3+ closets.

When you have a “house visitors” routine to remove all evidence of camming for visitors

Also when ur shopping for anything, you think “how man tokens is that?”

When your trip to post office consists of you sending more panties and photos than cards or letters.

when you buy more baby oil and baby wipes than a mother of 3 kids would.

When you say “sh!T I could have recorded that!”

When you’re bored in an every day conversation with a friend and then suddenly feel disappointment when you remember you’re not being paid for it !

When you eat cheetos, mini hotdogs, or baby carrots all you can think about are disgusting, pathetic little dicks

When you start referring to your boyfriend or husband as “bb”

When you consider setting up your webcam and stripping to you bra and panties to load the dishwasher.

you cant explain to anyone why would you still want a boob job when you have a D cup already.

when you cant get off without watching yourself on cam making sure all the angles look good.

When you are wayyy too easily amused by internet ‘insider’ jokes, like gifs especially. but sometimes you take it too far and begin wanting to respond to rude custies not by kick / ban / or words, but with your personal collection of gifs

When your friends who don’t know *exactly* what you do except ‘work at home’ secretly believe you have an internet addiction and are beginning to stage an intervention, because you’re always canceling or changing plans to ‘go on your computer’

You watch porn pretty much only for ideas, and there is a 70% chance you can name the girl in the scene since you caught her in free chat on cam or follow her on twitter

You have lucky camming underwear and get pissed when you can’t find it, and believe that if you didn’t make your quota its because you’re not wearing the right panties.

You have a scanned copy of your boyfriend’s / husband’s ID “just in case”

You eye men in public and try to guess what their fetish is, and begin taunting them in your head: “yea, he probably has a small dick” “look at that fat cuck sissy, bet he wants to wear my thigh highs and suck my thumb” “definitely an oil show guy” “bet you think he thinks he has a huge dick and would send me 50 pictures of it. Its probably so average looking Id fall asleep”… and you make yourself laugh out loud each time. Even if you’re alone.

when you are a nervous wreck when geek squad is repairing your computer because they might find your photos and videos

when the area you cam from is the only spot clean in your house

when an old friend calls you out of no where, youre freaking out because you think theyre calling because they found you on the internet

When the thought of ur computer dieing is enough to make u hyperventilate because there goes your livelihood…and funny YouTube camming videos!

When seeing a girl with a FULL face of makeup, hair done, and sweatpants doing errands no longer makes you think she’s weird… now you think she’s probably taking a break from being on cam, and I wonder what sites she’s on?