I am adding even more to my site. Now on the menu bar just below the title & description of this blog, besides just the home page link, there are now more links. They go to extra pages that aren’t part of the regular blog entries. There’s now Featured Models, Pics Of The Day, and Make Money Online. They are all a work in progress though, I’m just getting started on them.

Featured Models will provide a quick view of photos or banners to each of my favorite models that are promoted on my blog. As well as links to their sites, and more content of theirs on my blog. This way you can quickly see who they are and find more, if you would prefer not to browse through all the entries on my blog or the names in the model list individually.

Pics Of The Day will display random model images & photo gallery links that update themselves each day to link to a new pic or gallery you can enjoy.

Make Money Online will have a lot of links & information on ways to make money online in your spare time. Lot of adult affiliate program to promote models, Survey sites that give you cash & prizes, and more.