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Shift codes for Borderlands 2 displayed in the TinyPic image below:
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To redeem, load Borderlands 2 & at Main Menu select Extras then SHiFT Code. Must have Internet access & register with Gearbox.

The code will give the 1st character you load after entering the codes 3 unique items that are scaled to the level your character is currently at. These items are very useful, unless you’ve mined certain parts of the game repeatedly for the best legendary weapons.

1 Bandit Bazooka – At level 41 where I redeemed it, it causes explosive damage at over 20,000 x 3 & has an ammo capacity of 9.

1 Love Thumper Roid Shield – Again level 41, it has over 13,000 capacity, and is good in all the other stats; recharge rate, roid damage, etc…

1 Blue Strength relic – Increases melee damage by over 22%.