Payday 2 is a fun game! It’s a little like a multi-player focused version of Grand Theft Auto. You play as a criminal squad with up to 4 players either online or with AI teammates. Though the AI isn’t good for much other than shooting and reviving you when your down. Hard to complete the missions with them, you really need to play online. Lot of players online though, and you can jump in and out of ongoing missions other people are playing.

You go around robbing banks, malls, jewelery stores, etc… taking hostages, gathering loot, breaking into safes & vaults with drills & explosives, shooting cops, and all sorts of cool stuff that would be bad to do in reality. Not a game for kids, could give them bad ideas. Has an RPG upgrade system too where level up and unlock more options the more missions you complete. Which makes me very addicted, I feel like Golem. MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS SKILL POINTS AND WEAPONS!!!!!

I’d give it a 7/10. My only complaints are the servers boot you sometimes for no reason and you have to re-connect to a party. Well at least on the Xbox 360 version I was playing. It’s available for PC and PS3 also. There’s a learning curve to really get into it, new players are usually a little confused. And there’s no solo campaign or sequential aspect to missions to build a storyline like the best RPGs have. Cheaper than most console games though, released at $40 brand new. 2


Is a new TV show that has been described as a cross between LOST and The Blair Witch. Has the same producer as the Paranormal Activity movies. The premise is a nature TV show host and his crew get lost on a trip down a river into a mysterious jungle. His family and more TV crew go in search of him and encounter evil spirits and other creepy stuff. Its shot from a TV camera POV like The Blair Witch to try and make it scarier. I wouldn’t really call it that scary, but it is a good show. I would give it a 8 out of 10 for the first 2 episodes so far.

You can watch episodes of the ABC show online

Here is a gif from a good scene in the show.


I just beat the solo campaign on the video game Portal 2. It was fun at times, I liked the game’s creativity given it was all about room after room of unusual puzzles. You move around blocks, redirect laser beams, splatter around goo with special effects that turns surfaces into trampolines or slip n slides, and primarily shoot portals in walls that let you travel instantaneously from one spot to another in or out of rooms. If that was incorporated that into an RPG or shooter it would be awesome!

The robotic commentary in the game is also amusing at times, but after a while becomes annoying. There is a lot of loading time, between at least every other chamber, you have top get in an elevator and wait to end up in the next room. There is a multi-player campaign as well I have not tried, it differs some from the solo campaign. Overall I’d give it a 7/10, but I only recommend Portal 2 if you have a lot of patience and plenty of time to play. Very challenging in some parts figuring out what to do, I had to check a walkthrough a few times on some tedious parts.

I have to review this movie because it was a great one. Really grabs you right from the start and everything about the story is very engaging. Whether its the struggle of good vs evil, the testing of family bonds, the romance with a gorgeous & mystical beauty, or the well choreographed action. There’s some great sword fights, and  parkour-style stealth & escape scenes to match the Prince of Persia video games. Even the visual elements in a mostly desert theme attract your attention. In many ways the story is rather predictable, but it doesn’t take away from the well developed plot that always keeps things interesting. Its a Disney movie that reminded me of Aladdin in a lot of aspects, with an ancient settings filled with kings & magic, which includes time travel that takes you back and forth through parts of the story to relive them with a different outcome.

I highly recommend this movie, it was even better than Salt to me. It does also share the unrealistic aspects that created a lot of critics of Salt though. So iIf you don’t have any imagination and aren’t open-minded like those people, then this probably wouldn’t be a movie for you either.

Is a movie that stars Angelina Jolie as Salt,  someone with questionable allegiances who might be a terrorist. I’ll leave it at that so I don’t give away anything you can’t tell from the trailers to the movie. I found the movie to be really good. Its not what I’d say is a realistic movie, rather unbelievable, but I take that as a given with the majority of action movies. Plenty of action & twists. Its not quite James Bond, but its that style of an action & espionage movie. Though grittier, like the newer Daniel Craig 007 movies, if not more so. Minus the smooth witticisms and fancy gadgets.

Angelina makes any character have some sex appeal, but there really isn’t any seduction to this movie like you might have seen with her both deadly & sexy character in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. If you’re just looking for violence and T&A, you’ll get plenty of the violence at least. If you can take the movie for what it is and look past the one man vs the World, or in this case the one woman, you can enjoy the action. And the plot will keep your interest if you want it to. It makes clever use of a few small things that seem innocuous as the time, but come back to play a role later.

I don’t see how they would setup a relevant sequel to this movie with how the events unfolded, so the rumors of possibly turning the movie into a series of movies like the Jason Bourne trilogy are likely nothing more than rumors. But you never know, they could make an unrelated plot with a new lead playing a similar character still using the name Salt, like what happens far too often. Sequels are always a disappointment if they don’t keep some of the same cast & characters, otherwise they may as well be a totally new story with no prior history.