I hate Gamestop for numerous bad experiences with them as a customer.

1. Once in store they sold me a game completely cracked in 2 and shoved it in a bag without ever showing it to me. Had to go back into the store and wait in line to return it. I’m rather sure they noticed and thought I wouldn’t do anything about it.

2. The website has also shipped numerous damaged games to me. Games that are obviously cracked and even an idiot can tell they won’t work. Resulting in me having to pay the return shipping to send it back and never getting a refund or additional credit or anything to make up for that for that extra cost.

3. When you ship back a damaged game you bought online for a new one, first they bill you a second time for the game, then they credit back the original purchase to your credit card. Not good if you’re near your credit limit. And they can even mess this up and just bill you twice! Which happened to me, and they did nothing to fix it after contacting their customer service. I had to get my credit card company to reverse the charge.

That now results in me no longer even being able to make a purchase through their website. I have $50 in e-gift cards from doing online surveys but I have to print them out and take them to the closest store in another city to use them.

Do yourself a favor and when possible buy your games from somewhere else. Especially pre-owned games. Amazon, Ebay, or Bestbuy will have better prices if you’re not in a rush, and are much easier to deal with in the event there’s a problem with the used disc. The quality of the used discs I’ve found are much better than ones coming from Gamestop.

With Christmas & my birthday (Dec. 24) coming up, my thought for the day is why don’t more people have online wish lists? People can easily look up what you might like as a gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other time they might wanna get you something but don’t know what to get you. Save yourself the trouble of ending up with gifts you don’t really like, and make a wishlist! See if your favorite store’s website offers them. Amazon.com does, and you can even keep your exact mailing address a secret. They will ship the items purchased off a wish list directly to the recipient.

To follow with my thought, I made one with some random items I wish I had. Golden’s Amazon Wishlist