Spencer Nicks The Fridge Who Loved Me Premium Wins Zipset

Spencer Nicks is eager to learn how to give a proper blowjob but knows practice makes perfect. She gathers her new suction cup dildo, her hottest outfit – only sheer pasties and fishnet stockings – and 3 HD cameras to record her naughty mouth moves.

The door of Spencer’s refrigerator makes for an ideal training spot. It’s smooth texture provides her toy with enough resistance to stand up to Spencer’s aggressive seduction. From 3 glorious angles, watch Spencer use her sensual full lips to pleasure her plastic pal. You’ll swear she was sucking YOU off when you see the erotic POV angle throughout this video.

Spencer has teased with toys in the past but this is the first time she’s attempted to give full service to a swollen cock in any form! Don’t miss this ULTRA HOT and EXCLUSIVE video/gallery!

864 MB | 8:05 Video Runtime | Resolution 1920 x 1080

Gallery Size: 23 pictures | 2000 x 3000 pixels

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Spencer Nicks – Sally Up Squat Challenge

Spencer Nicks – Sally Up Squat Challenge

The Sally-Up Squat Challenge follows a very simple format: Up, Down, and hold during the breaks. It sounds easy, but Spencer’s sexy buns were burning by the end of the video!

Spencer’s newfound success has some drawbacks, she’s been prohibited from posting videos on Youtube for a week because her videos were TOO SEXY! That doesn’t stop Spencer from satisfying her fans or posting her hottest content.

Dive DEEP into Spencer’s thong as she squats over the camera and models in positions not suitable for any social media. Her nipples are bursting to escape her pink sports bra as she twerks and teases the camera. You won’t find any pasties here, just amazing slips and drool worth close ups of Spencer’s supermodel body.

Spencer Nicks Sally Up Squat Challenge will appear on her Youtube channel next week, but Premium Wins is the only site to watch the UNCENSORED 18 minute extended version! Download or Stream it now!

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Spencer Nicks 100 Subscribers Challenge Uncensored

Spencer Nicks is posting the hottest haul videos on her new Youtube channel – and now she’s hit 100 followers! In celebration of her new fans, Spencer shot a bikini instructional video on proper Jumping Jack form as a Thank You for subscribing.

The Youtube version is hot enough to count as a light cardio workout, but you’ll be at risk for a heart attack watching the Premium Wins Exclusive version.


Spencer performs a raunchy striptease out of her string bikini – shot entirely by herself! Her nipples are the perfect co-stars and even her yummy shaved pussy makes an appearance in this glorious video.

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Spencer Nicks Mid Afternoon Masturbation Zipset

Spencer Nicks has the day off and she’s spending the afternoon loving herself!

Watch Spencer strip off her maroon lingerie revealing a sensual micro bikini underneath. Her pink nipples and tight pussy are barely contained by the strips of fabric as she dances for 3 cameras.

Her lingerie doesn’t stay on for long, giving you many glorious slips to enjoy over and over again. Spencer powers up her hitachi, giggling as she begins to play with herself.

Spencer gasps and moans, bringing herself to a soft, sensual orgasm. Her eyes roll back in her head and she thrusts on the toy, but doesn’t not stop after getting off. Spencer begins to cum again and again on the vibrating wand. Her body quivers as she changes positions to achieve multiple micro-orgasms, possibly the most we’ve ever recorded in one video!

Don’t miss this deliciously hot EXCLUSIVE 17 minute video featuring Spencer Nicks cumming on camera over and over again!

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