Is a new TV show that has been described as a cross between LOST and The Blair Witch. Has the same producer as the Paranormal Activity movies. The premise is a nature TV show host and his crew get lost on a trip down a river into a mysterious jungle. His family and more TV crew go in search of him and encounter evil spirits and other creepy stuff. Its shot from a TV camera POV like The Blair Witch to try and make it scarier. I wouldn’t really call it that scary, but it is a good show. I would give it a 8 out of 10 for the first 2 episodes so far.

You can watch episodes of the ABC show online

Here is a gif from a good scene in the show.


Red Eye airs on the Fox News Cable Channel at 3AM Eastern time most nights/mornings.

Its a comedy news show that takes a look at a lot of the weirder stories in the news usually. And along with 2 hosts that make fun of each other all the time, they have guests on to discuss everything with them that include comedians, politicians, and always at least 1 hot woman. Regulars women include Diana Falzone, Natali Del Conte, Courtney Friel, Lauren Silvan, Anna David, Ann Coulter, and more.

They sometimes show sexy workout videos of the female guests while they read the news. Here’s some clips.

Diana Falzone & Courtney Friel Working Out In Ab News From Red Eye

Lauren Sivan Hot Stretching From Red Eye’s Yoga News