Hayden H : The Dressing Room
Watch New X-Art model Hayden slip out of her fancy lingerie, black high heels and then get herself off.
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Erica : DP Double Pleasure
Sexy blond Erica tried her very first double penetration. Just watch… she cums like never before in another X-Art first!
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Erica Stacy : Her First Threesome (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Cute blonde 19 year old Stacy has a perfect body. She stars in her very first threesome, only on X-Art!
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Annemarie : More Than Ever
Blond fashion model Annemarie slips out of her bikini and shows you more than ever before, including the inside!
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Gabriella : Siempre en mi Corazon (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Beautiful Spanish model Gabriella and lucky Mr. X enjoy each others bodies as they make love for the very first time!
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Stacy : Poolside Romp (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Imagine a cute 19 year old walking up to you while you’re sunbathing, and asking if you’d mind rubbing a little suntan oil on her ‘down there’.
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Caprice Erica : Morning Lovers
Gorgeous brunette Caprice and blond Erica show off their perfect bodies in this HOT lesbian scene!
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Silvie : Just Married (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
X-Art presents another episode in our ‘Real Couples Series’, featuring gorgeous long-legged Silvie and her handsome husband – just married!
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Sunshine : Supertight
Beautiful blonde Sunshine shows off her super-tight body and pussy, as she sucks and fucks you like never before!
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Erica : Sexual Beauty
New X-Art model Erica spreads her legs and plays with her perfect pussy in the bubble chair.
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Caprice : Fucking Perfection (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Imagine having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world, in an idyllic Mediterranean setting!
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Victoria Melanie : Every Mans Desire (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
What if one day your wife/girlfriend invited another HOT girl to bed with you… and then she let you have your way with them BOTH?
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Victoria : Exotic Angel
Stunning fashion model Victoria has the longest slender legs and unbelievably large, natural breasts.
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Sam Marie M. : Ultimate Blowjob (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Enjoy the ultimate indulgence, a sexy blowjob by two angelic beauties, followed by HOT sex with them both!
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Caprice Tiffany : Just Us Girls
Presenting Tiffany’s very first lesbian experience…
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Francesca : Morning Coffee
Francesca sips her morning coffee as she slips out of her cotton shirt and pink panties…
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Caprice : Deep Inside Caprice
Beautiful Caprice slips out of her white cotton panties and pushes a big clear dildo deep inside her perfect pussy!
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Tiffany : Sex with a Supermodel
Experience for yourself what it’s like to have sex with a Supermodel!
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Tatiana : The Voyeur (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Imagine coming home from work early to find this long-legged brunette playing with herself in your bed!
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Francesca : Naughty Girl
Watch Francesca push this massive black sex toy into her tiny pussy… really, really slowly. Amazing!
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Gigi R : My Favorite Toy
Adorable 19 year-old Gigi wants to show you a few tricks with her favorite sex toy… a big black dildo!
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Mary : Show You My Love (WITH PREVIEW VIDEO)
Mary wants to show you her skills in the bedroom….Cum inside and watch her in this unforgettable HD video.
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