Some sites offer their own embeddable video trailers, but many don’t. Thinking of making some of my own when I get the chance. Just a few quick highlights pieced together out of videos or even clips of funny moments from cam shows. Something anyone would like to see? Let me know with comments. I’ve tried a couple poll options so far and none of them have worked like they should.

I can host my own files on here up to 8MB in size here on my, which isn’t a lot really, but can work for video clips if I make them short enough or low in resolution. Or I could use some free file host like MegaUpload or something like that to host larger clips.

I am adding even more to my site. Now on the menu bar just below the title & description of this blog, besides just the home page link, there are now more links. They go to extra pages that aren’t part of the regular blog entries. There’s now Featured Models, Pics Of The Day, and Make Money Online. They are all a work in progress though, I’m just getting started on them.

Featured Models will provide a quick view of photos or banners to each of my favorite models that are promoted on my blog. As well as links to their sites, and more content of theirs on my blog. This way you can quickly see who they are and find more, if you would prefer not to browse through all the entries on my blog or the names in the model list individually.

Pics Of The Day will display random model images & photo gallery links that update themselves each day to link to a new pic or gallery you can enjoy.

Make Money Online will have a lot of links & information on ways to make money online in your spare time. Lot of adult affiliate program to promote models, Survey sites that give you cash & prizes, and more.

Here’s a rough version 1 of a banner I’ve been working on. Need to sleep on it now that I finished putting all the cutouts together in one image. Might change colors, fonts, etc.  Switch some of the model’s pics to different ones too, I really wanted  to use that pic of Misty but it doesn’t really fit with the rest cause it had the top of her head cut off. 2 or 3 pics are disproportionate in width to the others too.

Thinking of even adding more models by making it an animated gif if the file size isn’t too big then it would shift through 3 or different banners with more models total, but less crammed into one image.

Any suggestions for improvements or other ideas?

Also if anyone knows how in a WordPress theme to edit the  area that my blog title & description overlays on, the blue banner-like bar part in my theme here, let me know. I know I can put this banner above that part between it and the update plugin by just adding image code to the header section, but I’d like to use it to replace that blue area instead. Hopefully that makes sense! :S

As usual click the image to view it full size.

Its coming really soon. The scheduled release date for the full game is September 14, 2010. You can pre-order the game already from many places. Its not that different from Halo 3 really, just some choices for what type of character you want in the multi-player modes and each has some special abilities like super-speed, jet packs, invisibility, or you can even be one of the alien Elites in some modes. New levels finally for multi-player too finally.

I am hoping the game designers will include the option to play all the classic Halo 3 maps  with the new abilities. But since its a Microsoft game, I don’t really expect them to be that creative. There are so many more elements they could have added to Halo to give it more variety in both the multi-player and the campaign modes. I keep imagining if they combined the Halo shooter game play with the Fable RPG style system of collecting items, being able to build your character up, and evolving game enviroments. That would be the ultimate game!