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Bailey Knox is a Music Festival Princess, proudly displaying her glitter tits (who needs clothes anyway?) and FUCKING the DJ in her hotel room on camera! She’s clearly horny and ready to get off with a mystery cock.

Bailey teases him with a lapdance to start, then works her way into his underwear, raising him to full attention, she’s ready to ride! Watch Bailey get fingered and fucked in multiple positions until she cums all over the DJ’s hard dick. She encourages him to cum multiple times and you will too – especially when you see Bailey gleefully licking cum off her lips.


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Thanks to a shopping mix-up, Bailey’s newest dildo arrived much bigger than she anticipated; thankfully, she never backs down from a sexy challenge!

The video starts with a sheer – then soapy – striptease. Bailey slips and teases the camera before revealing a massive cock with a suction cup for stability. She presses it to the glass of the tiny hotel shower and begins to deep throat, lubing it with extra spit for her ultimate goal – getting off!

Even though she’s always ready for something kinky, this giant dick is too big for her teen pussy and barely fits in her mouth. She winces, giggles and mildly protests as she positions herself to fuck the toy on the shower floor. The running water adds a slippery obstacle to her task, sexually frustrating her more in the process.

Bailey enjoys some moments on her extra large toy, rolling her eyes back and moaning as she rides it, balancing at the same time. She likes it, but she NEEDS to get off. She opts for the Go-Pro mounted shower head and finger bangs herself until she reaches a JUICY standing up orgasm.

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Would you rather have a footjob or handjob from Spencer Nicks? The answer might seem like an easy one, but don’t underestimate Spencer’s ability for creative seduction.

If you ARE into FEET – this is the video for you! Watch Spencer lube up her size 8 feet and use every toe to please this stunt cock. She rotates positions, allowing you to see her sexy ass and feet moving in rhythmic motion as she glides her toes and soles along the shaft.

If you’re more curious about a HANDJOB – Spencer gives you the full experience. Turn this video full screen and imagine she’s working your throbbing cock as her fingers glide and stroke the dick on camera. She even jerks off the dick as if she’s showing us her final moves to guarantee an orgasm from you.

Her sheer slip dress and micro thong are stripped off in the last part of the video. Spencer exposes her barely covered ass to the camera and the thong hides nothing. The panties are sheer, exposing her yummy slit as she grinds directly into the camera. This video will have you cumming multiple times!


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It’s been a year since Misty Gates lost her roommate, Eduardo the Seal.  Ever the loyal friend, Misty has looked high and low for him, canvassing the streets with flyers, and calling around to strip clubs, prisons, and hospitals.  Other than a strange backwards message on a Buckcherry record, her search has turned up nothing.  During his long absence, some new companions with questionable motives have crept into her life: Money Bear and Denny Dolphin.  Desperate for a sign, Misty casts a spell and looks into the beyond for clues to Eduardo’s whereabouts, and in the process opens new doors to some dangerous dark forces.

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In this epic 28-minute HD video and extended picture set, Misty Gates uses the mighty hitachi vibrator for the first time, and toys her way to orgasm.  There’s no play-acting or pretending – you can see in full High-Definition close ups as Misty’s pretty pussy pulses and succumbs to the stern demands of the hitachi – and the hitachi demands just one thing: Misty must cum (hard).  Once she reaches her goal, she breaks into her now signature crab dance celebration.  Yes indeed.  A blooper reel is included.
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