I just beat the solo campaign on the video game Portal 2. It was fun at times, I liked the game’s creativity given it was all about room after room of unusual puzzles. You move around blocks, redirect laser beams, splatter around goo with special effects that turns surfaces into trampolines or slip n slides, and primarily shoot portals in walls that let you travel instantaneously from one spot to another in or out of rooms. If that was incorporated that into an RPG or shooter it would be awesome!

The robotic commentary in the game is also amusing at times, but after a while becomes annoying. There is a lot of loading time, between at least every other chamber, you have top get in an elevator and wait to end up in the next room. There is a multi-player campaign as well I have not tried, it differs some from the solo campaign. Overall I’d give it a 7/10, but I only recommend Portal 2 if you have a lot of patience and plenty of time to play. Very challenging in some parts figuring out what to do, I had to check a walkthrough a few times on some tedious parts.